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Self Help Resources - Addictions, Advice, Life Crisis

The Bible is clear that addictions are a real problem people face in this world. Addiction typically describes a person's dependence upon a substance or habit, either physically or psychologically often in relation to the abuse of alcohol or drugs, but can include a variety of other issues.

The Bible is clear about finding help which ultimately comes from God as we replace old habits with new ones. See Colossian 3:8-10 and the Holy Spirit helps provide power against addiction. See Ephesians 5:18

Other people can also help against addiction. See Galatians 6:1-2

1/ The main desire for every person should be to become a child of God, only then will you have eternal life with Jesus forever; which far exceeds anything that we will ever have here. Unless you become a follower of Jesus Christ nothing else will matter in the long term.

2/ Helping others - for those who follow Christ, we should walk with a desire to help others and place other's needs above our own, with only God being placed higher. We are not only serving God, but we tend to feel better when we do things that help others whether that is spiritual, emotional, or a tangable deed.

3/ Help ourselves - we should want to take care of ourselves, when we suffer from additions of any sort, we are heading in a negative direction and our desire should be to overcome these addictions that draw us down.

Some drug and alcohol rehab programs do provide Christian based drug and alcohol treatment, providing different rehab methods, all of which use faith-based treatment.

Addicts who have had a strong faith and still do, will look to attend a faith-based program to help them through their addiction and recovery.

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