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1 Peter 1:15,16 but as He who called you is Holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, be Holy for I am Holy

What do you see when you look at Christianity today. Do Christians stand out or are they no different in their words, deeds, ethics, and worldly desires. How often do we see Christians fall, and though many start out well many end up on the shelf. For the few that repent how often are they not forgiven by man although they have been by God.

How many poor role models do we have, christian businessmen, actors, singers, gangsters, TV evangelists, students; and though they name the name of Christ there is little to no evidence that they live for Him. People can be turned away by the things that Christians condone, say, and act. Should not the gospel make a difference in someone's life? I read a quote once that said His preaching was good, his writing better, but his life best of all.

When believers sin it makes believers and unbelievers stumble. Did it not say in Matt. 4:19 Follow me and I will make you fishers of men?

Why should a Christian pursue holiness? Well when we are not holy it gives dishonor to Christ. So how can someone who is saved live a holy life? It does not come from a system of rules and regulations, a certain standard of behavior, or a list of do's and don'ts. If it were following the law, then there would need to be a punishment or it would only be good advise. If we had to follow the law we would loose our salvation for disobeying the law.

Holiness does not come by obeying certain laws and avoiding certain taboos, but by grace. Grace comes from a love of the Savior not by following the law or fear of punishment. God wants us to recognize that He saved us by grace and now wants us to live a lifestyle from love, and not fear of punishment.

God has given us His word filled with practical instruction and commandments, to help and guide us in living a holy life. This includes principles of appropriate behavior, what to do and not to do, what is right or wrong, and godly heart desires.

Honor Christ by loving Him, desiring to live a holy life that will give glory to our Savior Jesus Christ; and will draw others toward him, not repel others away.