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Being able to dig into Scripture and understand Bible verses or Bible passages is very important to understanding and growing your faith. The Bible first of all needs to be the ultimate guide when considering the meaning of Bible verses or passages. But also in considering this; it is wise to consider some addition factors in interpreting Bible verses.

When considering Scripture it is necessary to consider the meaning of the individual words and phrases in a passage and what it meant in the original scripture language. For example in the Greek language many of the words or phrases have a much more vivid or broad meaning. Therefore when considering and studying the original language that the Scripture was penned in, it helps you to understand the intent or meaning that the writer was saying.

Additionally it is also wise to consider the culture of the time it was written, the style of the writer of that passage, and who the particular passage was written to. As an additional cross reference it is helpful to consider some of the commentaries and writings, penned by biblical scholars and examine their take on a bible verse or subject. Remember, that these scholars although many are very learned in the scripture are human and have error; so it is wise to be careful on the weight given to commentaries, books and other related studies.

Another factor to consider is the Holy Spirit will guide you toward the meaning of any Bible passage or verses. As a believer you have the Holy Spirit resident within you, who helps to guide you in your walk and study of the Word. It is wise to pray before considering especially difficult Bible versus or passages.

When considering particular bible versus or passages, be careful to consider the meaning of the passage in connection with the rest of Scripture; so that its meaning is not taken out of context, in the overall interpretation of the scripture.

Studying Bible verses can be very interesting and rewarding, very important to your faith and in what is the truth from God's Word. It is important that we don't wrongfully interpret scripture, and then turn around and teach and apply this incorrectly interpretation of scripture.

May you consider and handle the word of God carefully as you pursue the study of scripture passages.

As you consider any of the Bible verses I have listed here; keep in mind that this is just my interpretation based on my studying and scripture knowledge, to be considered along with others; and always considering against the original Word of God.

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